Transforming Hearts Ministries

Before I was free, I was a very bound and angry person. Who was I angry at? No one in particular; it just depended on how I was feeling that day. I was usually on the defense, ready to argue my point, because I didn't believe I had value and no one would listen to me unless I made them. I believed lies that the enemy had given to me throughout my life.

When I was a young girl, I was molested by my cousin, and with that situation, the enemy told me the lie that I was dirty and I wasn't worth anything. My mom was a single mother who worked most of the time, and when she wasn't working, she was drinking and spending time with different men. I was usually at a babysitter's house, and in the one that I often went to, I was mistreated by some of the other kids. With this situation, the enemy fed me the lies that no one loved me and no one was going to take care of me but me. I also made a vow that I would have to take care of myself, because nobody else would.

Some of the other lies God uncovered were that I wasn't a good mom and that I wasn't very pretty. Before I started the "freeing" process, I thought this was normal. This is who I was, and I just had to accept it. But that too was a lie.

Going through this process with Jeanne has cleaned up my heart and healed me in a way that only God can! My life today is a very different picture. It has been a year since I have been set free, and I can truly say that I am not angry anymore! I am free from all of the lies and pain that the enemy had given me over the years.

God has given me a new identity! Father God picked me up, cleaned me off and put my princess tiara on, because that is who I am; I am a princess, and I belong to the Royal family! God's family! The enemy can't take that away from me anymore.

I am a single mother, and my children's father has never really been in their lives. He has spent the last few years in prison. But even though this world says that being a single mom has to be hard, my God says that I can do anything through Him. And, in everything I do, every struggle that I have, whether it be financial, emotional or whatever, I know that I can bring it to Him and He will take care of it. He always provides for my children and me.

With my heart free, I have learned that I can guide my children and raise them with hearts that are not filled with lies. I am training them to have a relationship with the Lord and to keep the enemy's influence out of their hearts so they can stay free. My children will not have to go through the same things that I went through, because I can show them what I have learned. Glory to God!