Transforming Hearts Ministries

After 21 years of marriage and having one unresolved conflict after another, I felt this relationship was finished. Deep inside me was so much bitterness and resentment from festering, unhealed wounds, that I sank into utter hopelessness!

A friend told me about Transforming Hearts Ministries, and as a last resort, I called. Pastor Dillon helped me through enough of my depression and despair, that I could see a ray of hope for us. So, I started fasting and praying that God would tear down and "rip out at the roots" of any strongholds that were in our lives.

I am in awe of the power of God and His faithfulness! I believed all of the countless testimonies of the restored marriages that I heard on the preparation DVD's I received from Transforming Hearts Ministries, and I wasn't sure it could happen to us - BUT IT DID!!!

We each felt so safe and listened to in the counseling office. There was no blame or condemnation toward either of us. We could allow deep, inner hurts to come to the surface so that Jesus could heal them. What an amazing journey of healing we experienced through this process of Biblical counseling and inner healing.

My husband and I are communicating and loving each other for, maybe, the very first time! God is truly able to do beyond what we could ever hope or even ask for! Why these methods work such miracles in peoples' lives can only be attributed to the POWER OF GOD! Praise His name!