Transforming Hearts Ministries


God has spoken healing to me and has broken down the walls around my heart that were my protection as a troubled, little girl. No harm could come in, but no love could flow out through those protective walls. God has now given me the freedom to be vulnerable and open to my husband. I was closed off to him emotionally and physically.

I now have desires for my husband: to be with him and near him. I feel so safe with him. God showed me last night how easily I can start to shut back down, and helped me to realize that I don't ever want that to happen again. I so enjoy being with my husband now and seeing his heart. Thank you, God, for restoring our love for each other.


We married as such great friends, but before we knew what hit us, our friendship slipped through our fingers, and all we could hold were grudges against each other. God has shown me the emotional wounds I received as a seven-year-old, that I had stored away in my heart. It had turned to bitterness, and I didn't even know it was there, until a conflict with my wife brought it out. I felt the same emotional pain from her, that I had felt as a young boy. Unknowingly, she was poking at those old wounds in my heart.

I am now free from all of the confusion, resentment, anger, and conflict inside. I was truly bitter toward my wife. I now know it wasn't her, but it was my unresolved issues from the past. Through counseling, I've been able to forgive my dad, sister, others and myself. Our love spark has been relit. I now also understand my wife's old wounds, where she is coming from, why she reacted and what she needs from me as a result. I can now be open, honest and vulnerable with her. I haven't felt that freedom in many years. I praise God that He brought us to this place after only six years of marriage instead of waiting 20 or 30 years and totally damaging our children.