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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

Family Victories

We are so very grateful for God’s daily presence in our lives! We have had a front row seat to His miraculous transformations in people’s lives as they come seeking help for freedom and healing in their marriages and personal lives. We stand in awe as we see God’s faithfulness and overwhelming love revealed to each person.

A few weeks ago, a couple came as a last ditch effort to save their marriage. At the end of six days, with tears streaming down their faces and hearts lovingly connected, they tore up their divorce papers!


Another couple, married ten years, had tried to forgive one another, but the pain in their hearts continued on. As they came with hearts willing to do whatever it takes to get free, they discovered childhood incidences where they had locked away their hearts, because they hurt so badly they didn’t know what to do with their pain. They shoved it down and went on with life, excelling in a lot of areas, but unable to give and receive love.

During our time together, Jesus showed up with heart-healing revelations; they found and renounced the lies and mindsets they had believed from the enemy; Jesus spoke truth to their hearts, and they found and renounced the vows (the walls of agreements they made with the enemy). They walked away at the end of the week fully connected in love with one another, no longer driven to perform for approval. They never knew they could be so free!

Some personal highlights from this past year were celebrating Leroy’s recovery from cancer and open heart surgery! We are grateful for all of you who joined with us during our time of personal challenge.

Teaching at the Spiritual Air Force Academy in Pasadena

Teaching at the Spiritual Air Force Academy in Pasadena

Building healthy generations is foremost on our hearts, and we were able to take a special trip to Hawaii to have time with our children and grandchildren.  We enjoyed snorkeling, playing in the ocean, fireworks and pineapples.

We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a blessed and fulfilling new year!

Leroy and Jeanne Dillon