Transforming Hearts Ministries

When you come to us, we listen and care.

We will give you hope for your situation and help you to begin the process toward freedom and healing in your life or family. Our counseling process is unique in that we have people prepare in advance for a 24-36 hour intensive (four to six days of ministry) in our offices in Redding, CA.

Your first step will be to contact us and then complete a DVD teaching series prior to your coming. This teaching series is accompanied by a workbook, into which you will begin to record your personal life-impacting events. From your workbook notes and other easy-to-take tests that we will send you, the Holy Spirit will help us to identify and resolve roots of issues in your life. The result is a transformed life which is healed, restored, and at peace with God and others.

The preparation time is important so that our time with you in the office can be spent in prayer and counsel, rather than in hours of teaching.

  1. Contact us by Phone: (707) 889-1781, or email: [email protected]

  2. Personally complete the teaching series and fill out the workbook.

  3. Schedule a counseling session with our office when you have begun the series and desire to come for help.

  4. Complete and return the information packet and tests we will send you.

  5. Come for your "Biblical Counseling Healing Intensive."

  6. Keep going; continue growing.
Men and women leave these sessions with personal freedom, marriages restored, love renewed and hope and peace in their hearts. We will send you out with follow-up materials, periodic phone calls and webpage teachings to keep you going and growing. Your healing is only the first step on your freedom journey, which is called "life." From here, you can see clearly to discover your God-given gifting and calling. We believe there is great purpose to be unlocked and released in every person's life.